Usage of the ClaimR API is free of charge for development and prototype purposes for up to 250 location verification attempts per month. If developing for your use-case demands a higher limit, then please reach out to such that we can temporarily increase your limit.

For production usage we have a usage based tiered pricing model, which charges based on the amount of successful verified location attempts.

Requests per monthPrice
0 - 50Free tier
51 - 1k€0.09 per request
1k - 10k€0.07 per request
10k - 100k€0.05 per request
100k+Custom pricing


For example, 25,000 verified location requests made during one month would cost €1465.50:

Requests per monthPriceAmountCost
0 - 50These are on us 🎉50€0.00
51 - 1k€0.09 per request950€85.50
1k - 10k€0.07 per request9,000€630.00
10k - 100k€0.05 per request15,000€750.00
100k+Custom pricingN/AN/A
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